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My research interests in Latin American history fall in two fields: 20th century Chilean history, specifically the Allende government, the Pinochet dictatorship, and questions of historical memory, and the U.S.-Mexico border and immigration. I also carry out an active research agenda on issues of higher education pedagogy, both in the field of history and in terms of museum education.


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steven volk

Awards and Honors


U.S. Outstanding Baccalaureate Colleges Professor of the Year (Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching and Council for the Advancement and Support of Education) (Nov. 2011)


Editorial Advisory Board, Peer Review (AAC&U)


Presented with award of official recognition from the Government of Chile for “Working to Restore Democracy in Chile”


Professor of History Emeritus, Oberlin College


Co-Director, Great Lakes Colleges Association Consortium for Teaching & Learning


Founding Director: Oberlin College Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence (CTIE)

Lectures and Workshops


I regularly lecture and give workshops on innovative teaching, "flipping classes," liberal education, technology and education, and the crisis in higher education. In the past few years, I have given pedagogy keynotes and organized workshops at:


Albion College                  Lewis and Clark College

Antioch College                Loyola Marymount University (LA)

AAC&U                             Marquette University

Bates College                   Mercy College

Brown University               Pomona College

Cal State San Marcos       St. Joseph's College

Claremont Colleges          Tulane University

College Art Association     University of California (DC program)

Colorado College              University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Cornell University              University of Minnesota Medical School

Ithaca College




I currently write about higher education at After Class: Education & Democracy. I began blogging on teaching and learning as the founding director of Oberlin College's teaching and learning center (Center for Teaching Innovation and Excellence - CTIE) where I served between 2007-2018.



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